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NwT anniversary celebration at KIT

The annual celebration of the Science and Technology (NwT) teacher training programme at KIT took place on 10 June 2024.
The aim of the NwT school subject is to represent technology and engineering in the general secondary schools in Baden-Württemberg in an independent subject and thus complete the STEM field – which is important in today’s technology-driven world not only in terms of career orientation, but also to provide a basic general technical education. KIT is one of four universities in Baden-Württemberg where prospective teachers can study NwT.

The APL and KIT are working together on a NwT project at the interface between engineering and school practice, which aims to arouse interest in NwT and the engineering sciences among students and schoolchildren through the topic of  “Antriebe der Zukunft” with a fuel cell model vehicle and test bench. The project is funded by the NwT study commission to the tune of €40,000.

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