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APL focuses on minimising traffic accidents and increasing driving comfort by carrying out manoeuvre-based investigations, fully automated tests and AI-based analyses for level 1-3 driver assistance systems. With our in-house developed Torque Wheel Dynometer (TWDM), IPG CarMaker and extensive expertise in system integration, we have all the necessary resources to effectively secure ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) functions.

APL Group’s expertise enables our customers to conserve their resources – both vehicles and drivers – and shift global road tests to our conditioned, fully automated test benches. The measurement data generated and the results of our AI-based analyses make a decisive contribution to the further development and validation of ADAS functions. This approach not only reduces costs and logistics costs, but also significantly shortens the development process up to system release.

Synthetic development environment for ADAS functions

  • Efficient use of the torque wheel dynamometer (TWDM) and the CarMaker:

    Thanks to the high level of integration of the hardware and software test field, all ADAS-relevant main functions such as lane assistance, parking assistance and braking processes can be reproduced indefinitely.

  • Systematic test management:

    Execution of fully automated tests, with AI support at the test bay if required. This allows tests to be carried out efficiently and results to be documented precisely.

Modelling and simulation

  • Tailor-made vehicle models:

    Development of precise vehicle models that accurately depict vehicle kinematics, dynamics and control.

  • Simulation of driving scenarios:

    Testing and validation of ADAS functions under realistic conditions using extensive driving scenario simulations.

Software integration and validation of ADAS functions

  • Comprehensive testing and validation:

    Ensuring the integration and functionality of the ADAS functions through detailed tests and validations.

  • Simulation of complex driving scenarios:

    We achieve precise and reproducible results by using our in-house dynamic testing systems in combination with software simulations in the IPG Car Maker. This increases the level of technical maturity and at the same time the safety of the ADAS driving functions prior to the tests to be completed on the road.