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Four companies, one competence
Development of the mobility of tomorrow

In a constantly evolving world where innovation drives progress, the future of propulsion technology plays a crucial role. The APL Group consists of four independent companies that work closely together to shape the mobility of tomorrow. We believe in the power of collaboration and that by pooling resources, knowledge and vision we can create synergies that are greater than the sum of their parts. In selected projects, we benefit from the expertise of our subsidiaries, and they can also rely on our strengths. Together we set new standards and open up innovative possibilities that would not be achievable alone.

AIP GmbH & Co.KG

AIP develops and manufactures special testing technology (reproducible road simulation) for cars, trucks, motorcycles, ATVs, tractors, forklifts, special vehicles, etc., in the areas of research and development, type testing and quality assurance.

The innovative AIP system solutions have a modular structure and can be optimally tailored to the vehicle or customer requirements (budget, time period, standards, etc.).

A long-term and close collaboration with our customers worldwide as well as a high degree of self-motivation in the search for new ways and testing techniques guarantees future-oriented solutions for a wide range of testing tasks.

Premium manufacturer of testing systems such as special vehicle test benches for realistic simulation of road driving, exhaust gas measurement technology, automation and test bench accessories


IAVF Drive technology GmbH

IAVF has been carrying out testing and development work for all well-known national and international vehicle and engine manufacturers for 35 years. Our three main areas of activity: test benches, measurement technology and research cover almost the entire requirement profile for our customers. Our spectrum ranges from small engines to car and truck engines, racing and large engines.

Service provider with test benches, measurement technology and research activities for small, car and truck engines as well as racing and large engines


IVP IAVF- Volke Test Center for Internal Combustion Engines GmbH

The IAVF-VOLKE Test Center for Combustion Engines GmbH (IVP) currently offers 29 fully automatic engine test stands and 3 roller test stands as well as 1 air conditioning roller test stand, which are looked after by engineers with a high level of expertise and flexibility. We support you with all types of engines in endurance and strength testing as well as exhaust gas and application development. Asynchronous machines and eddy current brakes support the test, application and functional runs.

In view of the growing requirements for emissions, energy efficiency and fuel or electricity consumption, it is essential to carry out emissions, consumption and range determinations in accordance with legal requirements. In order to guarantee you the desired security for your projects, we are certified according to VDA ISA Tisax 5.0 prototype protection.

Service provider for endurance and strength testing on the test bench, exhaust gas and application development