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APL supports its customers with comprehensive test data management that is specially designed for the requirements of the driving and testing environment. Our range of services covers the entire spectrum: from the conception of data acquisition to automated data evaluation and data provision in the desired formats through to event-based data analyses and data mining applications. Our focus in the area of data management and analytics is on secure and automated data handling along the entire value chain. Our data analysis platform can be used for both internally produced data and measurement data provided by customers for project-specific analyses.

With our advanced solutions in data management & data analytics, APL enables its customers to derive maximum benefit from large volumes of data. Our technologies and methods help companies to increase their efficiency while improving the security and accuracy of their data processing.

Analyses of measurement data

  • Analysis of measurement data:

    With our standard and special measurement technology, we not only carry out comprehensive analyses but also increase the competitiveness of our customers through our many years of expertise and project-specific recommendations.

  • Development of methods:

    Our methods, which have been tried and tested over many years, help us to analyse data in depth and thus gain the right conclusions and insights from the complex data sets.

Secure and customer-specific data processing

  • Data preparation and analysis:

    The APL data analysts prepare the data numerically and graphically and generate added value in customer projects through intelligent data management.

  • KPI calculation and data delivery:

    The automated calculation and derivation of technical and business KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) ensures seamless integration and immediate applicability.
    Of course, we provide our customers with the results in all common data formats, taking into account all relevant security certificates.

Event-based analyses & data mining

  • Event-based data analyses:

    The APL experts use targeted analyses to detect and investigate specific system errors and anomalies. Thanks to the event-based test scopes, these analyses can be reproduced indefinitely and thus accelerate your product development.

  • Recognition of trends:

    The data-based identification of new correlations and trends provides you with a reliable basis for correct strategic decisions and sustainable innovation management.