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APL, your long-term partner for solid-based, liquid or gaseous applications, offers customised solutions for the development of new applications and methods in the field of fluid and material analyses. Our comprehensive understanding of the entire product – from the molecule to the individual elements to the complete system and its functions – enables us to precisely analyse, test and validate customer-specific formulations of modern and intelligent fluids for specific use cases.

Our value proposition: We understand in detail the requirements of end customers in the powertrain, chassis and the entire mobility ecosystem, as well as in the IT industry with its high-performance data centres. We conduct independent, application-specific analyses of the properties of various intelligent fluids and oils.

Through our commitment to “Smart Chemicals & Liquids”, APL supports companies in developing future-proof and sustainable solutions that fulfil both technical and ecological requirements.

New explorative applications
  • Hydrogen applications and their effects on fluids:

    Investigations into the interaction of hydrogen with different types of oil.

  • Thermal management for battery systems:

    Development and characterisation of coolants for battery systems.

  • Fluid characterisation in e-mobility:

    Adaptation and optimisation of fluids for use in electric vehicles.

  • Increased efficiency for IT server cooling:

    Testing fluid compatibility and efficiency in data centre cooling.

  • Standardisation:

    Active participation in committees such as DIN, ASTM and CEC for the further development of standards.

Characterisation of engine, transmission and industrial oils

  • Standardised testing procedures:

    Performance of tests according to DIN, ASTM, CEC, GFC, DGMK.

  • Release management of oils:

    Referenced implementation of characterisation methods specifically for manufacturers and users.

  • Development and modification of test procedures:

    Continuous optimisation of processes to increase performance in the product development of liquide.

  • Expertise in e-fluids and batteries:

    Specialised knowledge in thermal management fluids and fluids for alternative fuels.

Consultancy for customer projects

  • Development of joint tests:

    We develop customised solutions for our customers’ specific requirements.

  • Best-practice solutions:

    Benchmarking & best practice: APL experts develop leading industry-specific standards together with you as a partner or customer.