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At APL, vehicle integration is the central element that ensures error-free and safe interaction of all components within the overall vehicle. Our vehicle integration is based on a holistic systems engineering methodology that seamlessly integrates the system and the vehicle into the ECO System Mobility. Specific services in the area of vehicle integration include the development and application of functions in the entire vehicle, the integration of driving dynamics and E/E functions as well as in-depth analyses of HV storage systems.

Software development at APL follows the V-model, with Vehicle Integration always taking functional safety and Automotive Spice standards into account. These precise processes are designed to ensure seamless vehicle integration and the highest quality in our software development.

By focussing on vehicle integration and software, APL creates a basis for the safe and efficient functionality of modern vehicles.

Vehicle integration of specific hardware

  • Systems Engineering:

    Realisation of vehicle integration using ASPICE SYS.1 to SYS.5 methods.

  • Prototyping and vehicle integration:

    Construction of technical prototypes in our workshops, including the integration of measurement technology.

  • Networking and vehicle integration:

    Integration of components such as HV storage systems and power units in compliance with the highest safety standards.

  • Functional safety and NVH in the context of vehicle integration:

    Ensuring functional safety in accordance with DIN ISO 26262 and carrying out drive-induced acoustic analyses.

Application development and calibration

  • Development of functions:

    Development of functions for all important vehicle drive subsystems.

  • Component and system application:

    Application of drivetrain and chassis components to optimise vehicle dynamics.

  • Diagnostics and benchmarking:

    Diagnostics and benchmarking of systems including HV storage systems.

Advanced Software Solutions

  • Software Engineering:

    Development of software from ASPICE SWE.1 to SWE.6.

  • Data science and machine learning:

    Use of modern technologies for innovative solutions in the context of vehicle integration.

  • Rapid prototyping and tool development:

    Development and integration of tools and prototypes for specific customer requirements.

High-voltage expertise in vehicle integration

  • Analysing and diagnosing HV storage systems:

    Carrying out comprehensive analyses and integration tests on HV storage modules.

  • Sustainable repair and recycling concepts:

    Development of repair and second life concepts for HV storage systems.

  • Technology consulting and accompanying measures:

    Specialisation in the integration and modification of HV storage systems.