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35 years Passion for the mobility of tomorrow

Since its founding in 1989, APL GmbH has developed from a regional testing service provider into a global development partner for well-known companies in the automotive, aviation and petroleum industries. With a dedicated team of over 1,200 employees, the company is now making a significant contribution to shaping the future of mobility.

Day after day, APL works hard to develop innovative solutions that meet the ever-changing needs of the industry. The focus is on close cooperation with customers, employees and business partners in order to master the challenges of tomorrow together because, “passion becomes drive!”



Year of founding of APL Automotive testing technology Landau GmbH

In 1989, Dr. Hermann Josef Scholl founded APL Automobil Testing Technology Landau GmbH in Landau in the Palatinate.

The focus of the founding is on analytical and engine testing methods for operating materials in the automotive industry.


First tests in the area of ​​combustion engines

Shortly after it was founded, the company initially focused on the development of fuels and lubricants. In the following years, extensive tests were carried out on internal combustion engines, and this area of research continues to play an important role today.


Opening of the APL location in Wolfsburg

In 1999 the opening of the APL location in Wolfsburg was celebrated. This is now located at another location in Wolfsburg and has around 150 employees.


First big APL Christmas party

The famous APL Christmas parties for the whole family started in 2000. To this day they are a highlight for the entire workforce and their partners and children. Due to the constant growth in the number of employees, the festival now extends over a period of three days.


First tests in the area of ​​alternative drives

The first tests of alternative drives began in 2003. First with electric machines including power electronics and then with high-voltage batteries.


Opening of the Landau “Fichtenstraße” location (e-drive and battery testing center)

The second location is opened in Landau in der Pfalz and at the same time the e-drive and battery testing center is founded. No exhaust gases and no CO2 emissions make it possible to set up a location near the city.


Received the Daimler Supplier Award

For the “R&D Services” category, Daimler AG Stuttgart presents the Daimler Supplier Award 2012 and thus recognizes the APL for achievements in drive train testing of passenger car transmissions as well as functional and endurance testing of commercial vehicle engines – a great honor.


APL celebrates 25 years

To celebrate its 25th anniversary, the APL is holding an Oktoberfest. In addition to a chain carousel and box cars, a variety of food and drink stands provide entertainment and joy.


Opening of the APL location in Bietigheim-Bissingen

The third APL location will be opened in the Bietigheim-Bissingen district of Stuttgart and will be equipped with several roller dynamometers, which will be expanded in the future. A total of around 200 employees work for customers at the location.


Completion of the multifunctional building

The multifunctional building offers space for the expanded chemistry and analysis laboratory on the entire upper floor, a (fine) measuring room with the latest technology, prototype assembly and another eight test stand rooms in the basement.


APL celebrates 30 years

The APL is celebrating its 30th anniversary with a complete fairground for the APL employees and family. Chain carousel, box car as well as food and drink stands provide fun and games and are still remembered today.


Opening of the Landau “In der Viehweide” location (environmental testing and EMC testing center)

The third APL location is opened in Landau and offers the opportunity to carry out battery, EMC and environmental tests. In total, a further 16 battery module test stands, eight battery test stands for PTCE and 8 high-performance battery test stands are being built.


The number of employees increases to around 1,200


Change of management level

Dr. After 33 years, Hermann Josef Scholl and Daniel Bühl are moving to the advisory board of APL GmbH as chairmen. At the same time, Dr. Volker Zimmermann appointed as the new CEO of APL GmbH. Cornelia Mast takes on the role of CFO and Christian Lensch-Franzen remains CTO.