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Our drive for all corporate decisions

At APL, our values ​​are at the heart of everything we do.
We believe in the power of diversity, the importance of helpfulness and the joy of work. Our passion drives us to develop innovative solutions for sustainable mobility of the future. Responsibility and trust form the basis of our actions, both within our team and in our relationships with partners and customers. Learn about our values ​​and how they drive our pursuit of excellence and sustainable progress.


We believe in the importance of diversity and value the uniqueness of each individual. Our culture of acceptance means that we not only tolerate differences, but actively celebrate them. We treat every person with respect and an open heart, regardless of origin, beliefs or lifestyle. This openness allows us to build a rich and dynamic community where everyone feels comfortable and welcome.

Willingness to help

Willingness to help is a central part of our actions. We are always ready to offer our support if someone needs it. This can be in the form of time, knowledge or resources. By helping others, we not only strengthen the team and the community, but also promote a climate of solidarity and mutual trust.


Our work is more than just a duty – it is our passion. We face every task with joy and enthusiasm and see challenges as opportunities for growth and innovation. This positive attitude motivates us to always do our best and achieve exceptional results. Passion drives us and shapes our corporate culture at all levels.


We are passionate about making the mobility of the future sustainable. Our goal is to develop innovative solutions that minimize the environmental footprint of transport while maximizing efficiency and comfort. We attach great importance to the use of environmentally friendly technologies and the promotion of renewable energies.


Taking responsibility is a given for us. We care for the well-being of our employees, the quality of our projects and the sustainable development of our community. This responsibility includes both ethical and social aspects. By acting responsibly, we create a better future for everyone involved and set an example for integrity and reliability.


Trust is the foundation of all our relationships – both internal and external. We have deep confidence in the abilities and commitment of our employees and corporate partners. This trust is the basis for open communication, effective collaboration and long-term success.