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Cyber security


Would you like to be part of a team that is passionate about the security of internal data and our customers’ data?

Then you’ve come to the right place!

At APL, IT specialists work on the topic of cyber security to develop and implement security solutions to protect both internal and customer data with the highest level of security. Our experts rely on firewalls, intrusion detection systems (IDS) and advanced encryption mechanisms to ensure the security of our systems.

Our employees attach particular importance to preventive measures in order to identify and ward off potential threats from the Internet. This includes continually implementing, optimizing and adapting digital protection measures to meet the latest threat trends. Should a security breach occur, it will be discovered and remedied immediately.

In our dynamic environment, our teams are constantly busy improving cyber security measures and adapting them to new challenges. We attach great importance to staying up to date with the latest security technologies and offering our internal and external stakeholders the highest level of security.

Your skills

To be successful in our cyber security team, you should have in-depth knowledge and experience in the areas of IT security and cyber security. Ideally, you have previous experience designing, implementing and monitoring security solutions and are familiar with the latest threat trends and technologies. If you have these skills and characteristics and are willing to actively engage in the security of our data, then we look forward to welcoming you to our team.

Become part of our team!

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